Arbitration and Mediation Services at Smith Butz

Arbitration and Mediation Services

The modern trend for oil and gas leases is to include a provision that any and all disputes will be resolved by way of Arbitration. Essentially, this clause, in most instances, eliminates the Court system as means to resolve disputes. While our Attorneys have litigated numerous matters in the Courts, we have also initiated and litigated many Arbitration disputes related to oil and gas legal matters. Our Attorneys have also been selected to serve as Arbitrators when other law firms, or leaseholders, desire our knowledgeable Counsel to sit on a panel of Arbitrators. Landowners and royalty owners have regularly selected us to serve on these panels to decide disputes related to oil and gas royalty disagreements, surface disputes, lease terminations and general breach of contract matters. Whether you need experienced Arbitration Attorneys to litigate your case, or, you or your law firm are desirous of utilizing one of our knowledgeable Lawyers to serve in the role as an Arbitrator in oil and gas disputes, contact us and let our experience work for you.

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