Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Defense with Smith Butz

Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Defense

The attorneys at Smith Butz, LLC are experienced in Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Defense and have counseled clients on the allocation of environmental risks. At Smith Butz, LLC, our attorneys are able to craft and implement defense and litigation strategies that match our client’s specific needs to approach their defense in the most efficient way possible.  Our extensive experience in trying complex toxic torts to verdict has shown us that strategic, coordinated case management helps control litigation strategy and can lead to better outcomes.  The goal of our team is to help our clients understand significant regulations by conducting compliance and risk assessments, and developing a strategy to maintain compliance with regulations as well as those of various state and local agencies to avoid any future litigations. 

Our Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Litigation Services include:

  • Risk management analysis
  • Advising on regulatory compliance
  • Defending bad faith claims
  • Negligence defense
  • Toxic tort litigation
  • Occupational disease/exposure litigation
  • Inspection preparation
  • Prompt response to enforcement actions
  • Appeals representation

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